Friday, June 6, 2014

Your the Designer at Jennifer Knits

We used Feza Zumrut on US #17
We used Plymouth Paloma

At Jennifer Knits we can help you create anything!  Just bring an idea, a picture, a website, the name of your favorite designer or Hollywood hottie and we'll find the perfect yarn and figure out the pattern.  All patterns are done in your choice of yarn, to YOUR measurements in YOUR gauge!  And, all patterns are complimentary with your purchase.  You are the designer at Jennifer Knits and you are the most important part of our day. 
We modified the collar to be K1P1 rib
We're here to make you happy Tuesday 11 am to 7 pm and Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 4 pm.  
We used Filatura Zara 8 or Jennifer Cashmere 
We look forward to your visit!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Twisted Cable Cardigan
Dianne's Cable Poncho
  At Jennifer Knits we try to keep you in current trends and use today's top designers as inspiration for our house patterns.  These four designs are just a few of our many Jennifer Knits patterns that are available on, (listed as jennifer wenger), facebook or on ravelry.

We have thousands of patterns!  And, as you can imagine, it is difficult to get them all edited and available online for sale.  For the latest styles and fibers please visit our Los Angeles location or give us a call and we'll send you pics 310-471-8733.   We are also always available via email at

SOM May "Cables By Carol"
Diamond Madison Cable Pullover
We look forward to your visit!!!  We're available Tuesday 11 am to 7 pm and Wednesday thru Saturday 11 am to 4 pm.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Clubs at Jennifer Knits

In April we have open enrollment for our clubs!  The first (which you can join anytime) is our JK Club.  For either a one time annual fee of $100 or a monthly fee of 8.95 (with a 12 month commitment) you'll receive one pattern emailed each month (we try for the 15th of each month), 10% off all of your product purchases and a private shopping day before both of our semi annual sales.

For $250  (for the year) join our "Gold" Club and get all of the above PLUS two 30 appointments with Jennifer per month either on Wednesday or Saturday between 9:30 and 11 am.  With the Gold Club you'll also receive a 25% discount during the month of your birthday and a few other surprise perks through out the year.  Appointments require a reservation, we suggest calling two weeks in advance. The Gold Club is limited to 50 clients, so hurry!

This month's sweater is a beautiful hoody using Prism's Windward Yarn.  A blend of Tencel and Cotton that works up softly and quickly on US #9 needle.  All patterns are written in three sizes and can be customized for you specific size if you purchase the yarn!  Check this one out....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Save the Dates! Two Shows This Months!!!

Laura Bryant
Laura Bryant, owner of Prism Yarns will be with us all day Tuesday, April 15th!  Meet and greet the genius who invented Prism's "Stuff" yarn; a hand tied and hand dyed combination of magical fibers that's been a Jennifer Knits best seller for over 20 years!  Plus get a signed copy of her NEW book Artful Color, Mindful Knitting in which she shares her amazing techniques for patterning hand dyed yarns.
New Book! Artful Color Mindful Knitting

New Prism Yarns; Symphony, Tencel and Rapport

Thursday, April 24th from 11 to 2 pm meet Stacy Charles, owner of Filatura di Crosa, S. Charles, Tahki and TSC Artyarns.  Check out all of his new spring/summer books and yarn AND preview Jennifer's private cashmere collection for Fall/Winter 2014/2015!
NEW S. Charles Tandem

NEW TSC Artyarns Empress

Saturday, March 15, 2014

               Jennifer's Braided Scarf Kit
                                                                                                      Available in Cashmere or Merino
Yarn Crawl 2014 is coming!  Join us Thursday to Sunday, April 3rd to April 6th from 10 am to 6 pm for this amazing event loaded with FREE patterns, FREE gifts, prizes and thousands of Jennifer's fabulous scarf, hat, shawl, sweater and blanket kits!

Friday we'll feature Namaste, Atenti and Della Q knitting totes and accessories and we'll have a ton of staff to help you get organized!  Saturday, Mira from Baah we'll be joining Jennifer Knits to show off her incredible soft merino in dozens of vibrant tempting colors.  Stay tuned for our surprise event on Sunday.

We're giving this Crawl our All!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Penguin Sweaters?

Many of you have jumped on the penguin wool wagon and knit sweaters for these sweet little guys and gals.  From what we have read (on line), penguins don't seem to need or want sweaters.  And, while it's a super cute idea, you might want to do your good deed in another way.

Below are some sites with info about penguins sweaters.  If you really want to help (a charity or make the world a better place), we suggest you always donate direct or better yet, volunteer "hands on" so you know when, why and where your donations are going.

Direct donation to penguins;
For info on penguin sweaters; or

Jennifer Knits is a big fan of penguins, but we like to use our resources and time to help humans, especially young ones.  We have been a long time supporter of
This is an amazing organization that teens can get involved with at school.  We are currently raising money for the Roots & Shoots Science club of Bellflower High School.  Special thanks to teacher Melissa Wenger for making school the best part of her students day :-)

Friday, January 10, 2014

January's Sweater of the Month

What's the JK Club?  For $8.95 per month your receive one of Jennifer's fabulous patterns email to you every month PLUS you'll get 10% off one purchase every month.  What's the catch?  NOTHING!  You just need to commit to 12 months and give us your email address.   And, unlike the zillion of other monthly clubs out there that continue unless you give written notice, the JK Club will automatically expire in 12 months :-) 

Here's January's hot little number.  Inspired by a Oscar De La Renta.

Works up beautifully in any cashmere, merino or silk blend. Details given on pattern.

Gorgeous, right?
You'll want the JK Club for sure!!!