Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our first giveaway!

We've decided to host our first giveaway! One lucky winner will win a fabulous scarf kit* (pictured above). To enter, just comment on this post by 10am September 12, 2009. The winner will be announced here on September 13th! Don't forget to leave your email address so we can contact you if you're the winner.

Good luck!

*scarf kit includes...3 skeins of Rowan Big Wool in pumpkin (shade51), one set of #19 needles and a pattern.
contest is open to U.S. residents only


Faith Wood said...

Wow, I love this yarn! It knits so fast.

Anonymous said...

love the yarn! My email is

Gilda Ongkeko said...

My very first time I've ever commented on a blog.
I love that yarn so hey hey, any chance to win it!
Gilda Ongkeko
Don't know what URL means below? Is that my email address?

lex2459 said...

Who can resist a fast and beautiful scarf from the store with the best yarn selection and best design expertise? Enter me in the drawing!

saristablerross said...

what fun! i'd love to win that gorgeous yarn! :) my email is

Anonymous said...

cool, you can never have too much yarn! my email is

Anonymous said...

I live in Shrewsbury Massachusetts and I was lucky enough to go to Jennifer Knits two years ago. In the spring of that year, I was diagnosed with the most aggresive form of breast cancer. Thank God for all the wonderful yarns I had purchased, especially the yarn and knitting "JenniferKnit" bags. I spent a lot of time knitting while at drs, hospitals etc. I visit a friend in LA once a year and instead of sightseeing, we go to yarn stores. I LOVED Jennifer Knits. It had beautiful yarns and a great store. Please, let me be the winner of this great kit!!! Hope to get back there in 2010.

Joni said...

What fun-the kit looks nice-my granddaughter would love to knit that scarf.

Anonymous said...

By the way - I told you where I live but not how to reach me - Shrewsbury, Massachusetts e-mail is


Tonia said...

Jennifer the color of big wool is gorgeous. I am really enjoying knitting the cable coat- thanks again.

Pat Snyder said...

That color is just ME!!! I LOVE IT and would love to make a scarf with it!

After 3 baby blankets, I'm ready for something brighter, and quicker!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win it!

Pat Snyder

Christine said...

oh man, i hope i win! i love knitting and want to do so much with it....the scarf would be a lovely addition to my vast knitting collection! please pick me!

Christine said...

oh said...

I love all of the info your site includes!! I bought one of your PURL girl T-shirts last year and still love it!! Please keep carrying these kind of fun items!!! I love the color of the giveaway yarn, it would make a beautiful scarf or sweater!! :)

KC said...

I was going to submit my entry for the great kit, but I'm all for giving the kit to the lady from Shrewsbury, Mass. Sounds like knitting is something that keeps her spirits bright and that she could certainly use her handmade scarf during the winter months more than us spoiled-with-sunshine Southern Caifornians.

Kim C.

Debra said...

This would be a great piece to get me back to my knitting.

Beth said...

My first time too! Love the idea.

Beth said...

My first time too! Love the idea.

Anonymous said...

yes, indeed, it looks beautiful ---
pick me! I've got new grandchildren who need to be swaddled in a nice scarf for winter.

abby segall said...

what a great idea. jen your the best. see you soon.
love ya

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Virginia! Sandra Mitchell here, and still knitting at home for I have been unable to find a good knit shop.

Cari said...

Hey Jennifer...Cool. I'd love to have some BIG WOOL. Thanks for the give away!! Have a great week.

Maya said...

Hey Jennifer Knits! Please enter me in the drawing. My email is
Maya Spitzer

Susan said...

Am knitting away on my Poncho. Thrilled to be able to blog on your site.
See you in October.

Leslie Tracy said...

Very cool promotion. Just in time to get back into knitting for the fall and winter seasons.
Just started knitting November '08 and found Jennifer Knits by accident. Love the yarn and appreciate all the help. Hopefully I'll get to try my hand at this scarf!!
First time at a blog, not sure if I'm doing it right....we'll see.
My email is

Katherine said...

Looks like it'll be a gorgeous scarf!

Annette said...

Please enter me in your drawing! My email is Thanks!

Bonnie said...

I am drooling over the color and I do love Rowan Big Wool.

I am

Anonymous said...

Can it be scarf time already??!! Great idea, thanks. My email is

Pam wendy said...

Pumpkin is perfect for autumn

Christie Cottage said...

Pick me! Pick me! :-)

You can contact me thru my etsy shop

I am having a giveaway each Wednesday thru Christmas. I hope you'll cme and enter!

But anyway said...

my most favorite scarf is from Jennifer Knits yarn on #19 needles.
I made it on the flight when I moved back to New York.
I miss LA-- mostly cause there's better yarn.

Pat said...

Yes, this was easy! Please enter me in the giveaway! Happy Stitching! Pat

Pat said...

I love the giveaway! Sign me up! Happy stitching, Pat

Sidi said...

Oh, what a pitty... I dont live in the US!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

What pretty yarn, thanks for the contest. I'd love to try the size 19 needles too.

Barbara said...

I've never blogged before. But for Jennifer I couldn't resist. I just hope someday to knit as well as all the lovely ladies I meet at the store. Oh, and the yarn giveaway color is my mother's favorite!

Anonymous said...



Kate & Oli said...

Yay I love giveaways! I'm also having one at

Dawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dawn said...

It seems appropriate that my first blog would be about yarn. I totally love the color that the winning scarf will be made in. The yarn looks very snuggley warm and luxurious for a cold winters night in Michigan... and it does get cold here. Hope I win, but good luck to all.

Sorry...forgot my address...i'm new at this

Sari said...

my favorite knitting store is having a great giveaway!

mac said...

One look at this picture and all thoughts of the heat, the fires -- the end of summer drift away and give thought to the scents of autumn -- of cinnamon and apple pie and turkey.
There we sit beside the fire, needles in hand, fingers busy knitting a wonderful scarf, and all is well with the world if only for that moment -- but then, that moment is all we have so we are all so very grateful.

Cat said...

Oh, I would love to try this yarn. Please consider me entered! My e-mail should be attached to my blog, which is, of course, linked to my name.

Laura said...

I found i really beautiful cable scarf pattern for big wool

mac said...

I forgot to leave my email.
My comment is listed under mac

Anonymous said...


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