Sunday, March 9, 2014

Penguin Sweaters?

Many of you have jumped on the penguin wool wagon and knit sweaters for these sweet little guys and gals.  From what we have read (on line), penguins don't seem to need or want sweaters.  And, while it's a super cute idea, you might want to do your good deed in another way.

Below are some sites with info about penguins sweaters.  If you really want to help (a charity or make the world a better place), we suggest you always donate direct or better yet, volunteer "hands on" so you know when, why and where your donations are going.

Direct donation to penguins;
For info on penguin sweaters; or

Jennifer Knits is a big fan of penguins, but we like to use our resources and time to help humans, especially young ones.  We have been a long time supporter of
This is an amazing organization that teens can get involved with at school.  We are currently raising money for the Roots & Shoots Science club of Bellflower High School.  Special thanks to teacher Melissa Wenger for making school the best part of her students day :-)

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