Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Zen Yarns are in!

 New "One of a Kind" colorways are in stock and flying off our shelves. Zen Yarn Garden creates interesting and unique color palates to inspire moods an feelings. Their new "Art walk Series" takes a famous painting and they dye the colorway  using colors inspired from the painting. We currently have Kandinsky's "Composition Storm", Chin Shin's "Magical Night", and Monet's "Study of the Trees".
 We have two weights in stock. Serenity worsted has 175 yards and knits on a 7-9 needle. It's 75% merino/ 15% cashmere/ 10% nylon makes this a luxurious yet durable yarn.

Serenity 20 has 400 yards and knits up on a 3-5 needle. It is a 70% merino/20% cashmere/ 10% nylon blend is also durable and works great as a kid's sweater. Mix it with Filatura's "Superior" yarn to bump up a few needle sizes and get and 100% cashmere feel.

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