Saturday, March 4, 2017

After the Flood -- We're Open and Better Than Ever

You might have heard that we survived two floods this winter! We were closed for nine days in November and three more in January. We took every piece of inventory out of the store, pulled up the saturated carpet and replaced it with beautiful white laminate flooring, repainted our cabinets and walls, and remade our fabulous chairs--whew!

The silver lining to all this is that we now have a new, fresh store, and more open space!

And even with all this, we still got in some cool new stuff!

Jade Sapphire Ombré Kits have eight gradient shades of hand-dyed 6-ply Mongolian cashmere. They include a pattern for a luxurious wrap, but customers have also been using them for blankets and sweaters. Look at these gorgeous colors!

Lykke Driftwood needles are brand new to the market and hard to come by! We are stocked up on 14" straights, 16" and 32" circulars, and interchangeable sets. They are a smooth resin-impregnated birchwood, with just the right amount of pointiness. 
Stop in and try them out!

String by Jennifer Knits Blossom yarn is a delightful, smooth/squishy blend of cashmere and silk, and it's just come out in a whole new palette of neutrals. We've got black to grey to white, brown to taupe to cream, and a range of denim heathers. Great for midweight shawls or sweaters, or any accessory that snugs up to your neck. And balls left in the old (still beautiful) colors are 40% off!

And what to do with all this beautiful new stuff (or any of our other yummy yarns)? Learn some new tricks! We've got our late winter classes on the calendar and there's something for everyone.

If you've seen this new Prada sweater and wondered "how did they do that?", Jen will teach you! With just one session, you will unlock the secret of short rows! This is a great way to use up bits of leftover yarn to create a one-of-a-kind cardigan. Get creative with color combinations--pick one color per row, or mix it all up! 

Short Rows class meets March 13 
from 10:30am - 1:00pm
Cost: $50, plus yarn to be purchased at Jennifer Knits

Stay tuned for more..... 

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