Thursday, November 27, 2008


Cranberry Surprise Martini's
1 part Citron Vodka
2 parts Cranberry Juice (oceanspray 1/2 part Grenadine
a few shakes of orange bitters
3 limes cut, sqeezed and throw in
a bunch of ice, and come fresh rasberry or cranberrys. Stir it up!!!!

The Best Stuffing EVER!!!
1 box Stuffing (two 6 oz bags not cornbread)
1 red onion and 1/2 sweet onion totally diced
2 apples gala chopped
a few stalks of celery diced
a ton of butter
chicken broth 2 2/3 cups
cilatro, green onions diced, a dash of tarragon
brown the celery and the onions (not the green onions) in some butter . Now mix everything together except the broth, butter and green onions. Add a little salt and WHITE pepper and mix some more. Now melt a cube of butter in the broth in the microvwave with a little fresh garlic. Pour it over everything and toss. Bake covered for 1 on 350, then thinly slice some more butter and throw in on top with green onions. cook another 15 minuters or until a little crisp! YUMMY YUMMY, let's go eat!

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